Farms in Washington fined for coronavirus violations including one in Elma

Washington State Department of L&I – More than 20 farms in Washington have been cited for coronavirus violations since March including one in Elma.

The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) has conducted 384 agricultural workplace safety and health inspections so far this year to help make sure farmworkers are safe on the job.

One hundred thirty of those inspections of agricultural employers have found violations for various health and safety concerns, including noncompliance with state rules related to COVID-19. Numerous inspections are still underway, so that number is expected to rise in the coming weeks.

“Our country relies on agriculture workers to grow and harvest food for our tables. We’re doing everything possible to make sure they are safe on the job,” said L&I Director Joel Sacks.

Anne Soiza, L&I assistant director for the Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), said, “L&I performs more agriculture worker safety and health inspections and consultations than nearly any other state in the country. This year, we stepped up efforts in this essential industry due to this new serious hazard.”

Of the more than 20 agriculture businesses cited for serious violations of COVID-19 safety and health requirements so far this year, 10 involved temporary worker housing while the others were related to multiple issues, including social distancing.

The largest fines issued this year for agriculture coronavirus-related violations were at the following farms:

  • King Fuji Ranch Inc. (Mattawa) — fined $13,500 for shelter group workers interacting with members of other shelter groups and not social distancing. The employer has 15 days to appeal.
  • Gebbers Farms Operations LP (Bridgeport) — fined $13,200 for shelter group workers interacting with members of other shelter groups and no barriers in the kitchen/cooking areas. The employer has 15 days to appeal. An investigation involving fatalities has not yet been completed.
  • Evans Fruit Company Inc. (Sunnyside, Cowiche and Tieton) — fined $6,600 following inspections in three locations that found employees were not wearing face masks, taking temperatures or social distancing. Evans is appealing the violations. An additional Evans inspection is still in progress.
  • Agrilabor (Benton City) — fined $5,400 for violations including beds not placed 6 feet apart. Agrilabor has appealed.
  • 7Point Holdings LLC, that operates as Northwest Cannabis Solutions (Elma), — fined $3,300 for employees not wearing masks or social distancing. The company has appealed.

A breakdown of L&I 2020 agriculture inspections and results is available on the L&I website: