Expect delays in both Oakville and Ocean Shores for road work

Crack sealing projects within Ocean Shores and Oakville will bring a number of traffic impacts to both cities over the coming weeks.

Both local cities have notified residents and anyone traveling in the area that work is scheduled within the cities that causes a number of traffic changes.

The City of Oakville states that scheduled improvements will impact traffic on most streets within city limits.

Staff announced that the city was awarded a $71,500 Transportation Improvement Board Grant for a crack seal project on the streets. 

That project was scheduled to start this week, and has the potential to impact traffic for approximately two weeks.  

This project will include some road surface preparation such as sweeping, burning/pulling vegetation, and high velocity air to remove debris prior to applying the crack sealant.

Due to the time window to complete this project, some of the work will begin at 7AM and be conducted 7 days a week.

“ It is understood that some of this project will be an inconvenience due to sound and traffic impact.  Efforts will be made to minimize the impact; however, we respectfully request that you practice understanding and patience during this project as sealing the existing cracks in our streets is an important step in prolonging the useful life of our streets and a step in preparing the surfaces for future improvements.” 

Work will be done on one lane at a time, but the city asks that drivers avoid traveling on the block they are working if possible.

In Ocean Shores, crack sealing at multiple locations will begin the week of September 19, 2022.  

That work is planned to be conducted Monday through Friday, between the hours of 6:30 AM to 8:30 PM, and is planned to continue through early October.  

A total of 83 various locations are scheduled throughout Ocean Shores.

Each location will be partially closed to traffic with flaggers and/or traffic control devices to safely route traffic during the closures. 

“We appreciate your continued patience as we work to improve the City’s infrastructure. For your safety, please stay alert, watch for lane/channelization changes, and obey all construction signs and flagging personnel.”

Work in both cities is dependent on weather and other factors and as a result is subject to change.

In Oakville, if you have questions or concerns, contact City Hall at 360-273-8916. 

In Ocean Shores, questions and comments can be directed to Robert Lund at (360) 940-7633 or [email protected].