Curfew and additional closures in effect within Ocean Shores

The City of Ocean Shores have implemented a curfew throughout the city.

In an executive order by Mayor Crystal Dingler, she states that additional closures and the curfew are being taken for “immediate action to help reduce and stop the potential spread of COVID-19 and mitigate the impacts”. 

The order states that limiting beach access may help may reduce the number of visitors who may travel to our area despite the Governor’s order; and high touch recreation areas may be a source of transmission. It also states that  as a small rural community, the City has limited essential resources and an outbreak would strain those resources as well as having devastating results on its largely older population.

Under the order;

  • Public restrooms, and public recreational facilities (whether publicly-owned or privately- owned) will be CLOSED.
  • All City parks shall remain OPEN but play areas, cook shelters and picnic tables (high touch areas) will be CLOSED.
  • All City-owned boat launches and public docks remain OPEN.
  • All beach approaches shall be CLOSED to vehicles, except emergency, enforcement and maintenance vehicles. There shall be no parking at the closed beach approaches except in specified parking areas.

A general curfew has also been established in the city and will be in effect from midnight to 5:00 am. This shall include, but is not limited to, pedestrian and vehicular movement, standing and parking.

Emergency response from essential services are not included in the curfew.

The curfew and closures will be in effect until April 10, 2020, unless amended, extended or earlier terminated by order of the Mayor.

Any violation of these emergency measure(s) shall subject the individual, operator, business entity, or organization to a fine or  imprisonment for not more than ninety days or by both pursuant to Section 8.36.040 of the City Code.

The order is in effect immediately, but must be ratified and confirmed by the City Council. If the council chooses, they could void the order.