County burn ban lifted

With the recent weather trend, the  Grays Harbor County Fire Marshal’s office and local Fire Districts have lifted restrictions on outdoor  burning in Grays Harbor County.

Multiple fire departments within the county shared the announcement, indicating that they would also be lifting restrictions at the same time.

Local cities may have specific rules on burning and residents are encouraged to check with their local officials for any remaining restrictions.

The public is reminded of the importance of completely extinguishing all fires that will not be attended  by dousing with water or moist soil and stirring with a shovel until all parts are cool to the touch.

Please contact ORCAA at 1-800-422-5623 or visit their website to obtain the required  permits for large yard waste piles and land clearing activities.  

*** For information about fires on local BEACHES, contact *** Washington State Parks: 360-902-8844 

For more information on local fire restrictions 

Fire Districts: Emergency pages of the local telephone book 

Grays Harbor County: Fire Marshal’s Office at 360-249-4222 

City Fire Departments: Government pages of the local telephone book 

Washington State Department of Natural Resources: Pacific Cascade Regional Office at 360-577-2025, or Olympic Region Office at 360-374-2800, or their Fire Center at 360-575-5089 

Olympic Region Clean Air Agency: 1-800-422-5623 

Olympic National Park and Olympic National Forest: 360-565-3121