Corrections Deputy injured in altercation with Pacific County inmate

A Pacific County Corrections deputy was injured following an attack by an inmate.

According to the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office, on Saturday evening, inmate Rudy Rodriguez was in the Pacific County Jail when he assaulted the deputy.

Rodriguez was being held in the jail awaiting transport to Lewis County on a felony warrant.

PCSO says that Rodriguez had been experiencing a mental health crisis in the facility and the on-duty Corrections Deputies were working to de-escalate the situation verbally.

During the incident, Rodriguez was said to have appeared to calm down to the point that a conversation could take place. While attempting to establish communication, he attacked Deputy Comer.

Deputy Comer sustained substantial injuries during this attack.

Another Deputy who was working with Deputy Comer assisted in getting Rodriguez under control, although he continued to attack both Deputies until they were able to subdue him.

A Deputy from the Patrol Division was requested to respond and investigate the incident.

Deputy Comer was seen at Willapa Harbor Hospital where he was found to have a broken nose and a radial fracture of his right wrist.

Rodriguez was not injured during this incident or while in the custody of the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office. 

He was transported to the Lewis County Jail where he remains in custody for the assault.

The incident is under investigation.