Construction at Oakville school set to begin November 15

Oakville, WA – Construction at the Oakville school facility is set to begin on November 15 with a groundbreaking ceremony that day.

This work will mean that adjustments are required throughout the elementary, middle and high schools.

Oakville residents approved a Capital Projects Bond to improve their current facilities. The approval of a $5.6 million bond from voters qualified them for an additional $9 from state funding for the improvements.

According to Superintendent Rich Staley, during construction it will mean that students and staff from throughout the schools will be moved into temporary spaces as work is done.

Some of the changes include moving one class into the music classroom, which moves some music education into the wood shop and the remaining music classes into other rooms. Some classes will be using the gymnasium for education as the space is divided into four classrooms.

All high school and middle school students will be required to use the bathrooms in the old gymnasium.

During construction, elementary classes will be eating lunch within the classrooms.

As the former elementary school is demolished, it will also make changes to how staff and students access various portions of the facility.

The district office will also need to move, although a plan has not yet been devised.

Additional safety measures will be implemented during the process to ensure that students can travel to and from their classes when having to go outside for access.