City of Elma hires new Code Enforcement Officer.

Elma, WA – Elma Police Chief Susan Shultz tells KXRO that the city hired Angela Sanchez this week as Elma’s Police Clerk Municipal Code Enforcement Official.

Sanchez had previously served as a part-time Assistant Police Clerk with the Elma and McCleary Police Departments.

In her new role, Sanchez will oversee enforcement of the city’s noncriminal codes, from vegetation and trash violations to improperly stored vehicles and unlicensed animals.

Shultz says “She will be working with Elma Community members to keep Elma a safer, healthier and more attractive place to live and visit.”

Sanchez will be warning violators and providing an opportunity to rectify the code violations at first, although if the violations are not corrected appropriately there will be citations issued.\

“Her focus will be to keep property values from falling due to unsightly or nuisance properties.”

According to Shultz, in her first week on the job, Sanchez’s  has already identified 10 problems ranging from garbage or clutter to un-cut grass.

“Angela was among the top candidates, and part of the decision-making in selecting her was the fact she wants to assist residents in finding solutions,” Elma Chief Susan Shultz said, “Having her as a part of the Elma Police Department Team and being a part of and vested in the community is a bonus for all of us.” 

 Sanchez will work closely with the Elma Building Official, Joe Crystal and turn over any potential structural issues to his department.

Sanchez, who lives in Elma with her family, will be spending a large part of her first months getting up to speed on city codes while working with other city officials in Elma to establish the new code enforcement department.

Shultz added that Sanchez will enforce city codes under her new role but the code enforcement official is not a sworn peace officer position and does not carry the same responsibilities or authorities as that of a police officer.

Anyone wishing to alert Sanchez of potential code violations can contact her at the Elma Police Department, (360) 482-3131, Tuesday through Friday during regular business hours.