Bill prefiled by Rep. Walsh would place security at every school campus

A bill prefiled by 19th District Representative Jim Walsh would authorize funding for a school resource officer in every school, for security purposes.

According to House Bill 1071, the purpose of the change would be to provide a full-time school resource officer on every school campus as a way to “promote a safe learning environment and to protect the safety and welfare of all students and school personnel”. 

The bill highlights recent acts of mass violence across the country, and how this threatens the safety of children at school. 

If introduced and passed under the Legislative Session, the bill intends to implement both short and long term strategies to “provide a safe and secure learning environment”. 

The bill would create an opportunity for schools to increase security, provide greater protections for students and staff, and develop local strategies to identify and intervene against potential threats.

If passed, the Superintendent of Public Instruction would allocate enough funding to provide a resource officer on each school campus across the state, both public and charter, at an annual salary of $76,532, adjusted for inflation and location of the school. These funds would only be able to be used for the resources of school security officers. 

These officers could be a commissioned law enforcement officer or a school employee tasked with security.

If passed, the resource officers would be in place in September 2023.