Ballots due today for February 2020 Special Election

Ballots are due tonight for 15 school districts and one fire district.

Voters have until 8pm on Tuesday, February 11 to return their ballots if their district was included in the special election.

A total of 21 measures are up for voter approval this evening, and over 44,000 voters had ballots issued to them.

These measures include funding for a new Stevens Elementary in South Aberdeen, a bond to construct a new Elma stadium, over $5 million to renovate the Oakville School, a levy for Grays Harbor County Fire Protection District No. 4 in the Amanda Park/Neilton/Quinault, as well as a number of new and replacement school levies.

Ballots must be in the mail and postmarked by today or dropped in an election drop box prior to 8pm in order to be counted.

Election results can be viewed shortly after 8pm at;