APD stops fake jewelry sellers following citizen report

Aberdeen Police were called to East Aberdeen for people selling suspected fake jewelry.

According to APD, officers responded to the suspicious circumstance call in the Walmart parking lot after a report from residents.

When officers contacted the sellers, they reportedly admitted that the jewelry was not real and said that that they were telling potential buyers it was fake.  

The sellers, who were travelers from out of the area, complied with the request by officers to cease-and-desist.  

The Aberdeen Police Department said that they take these types of calls seriously and they are ready to respond and check on situations that citizens feel are suspicious.   

APD strongly encourages buyers to beware of what you are buying, especially from private parties.  

“We would like to thank those who took the time to notify us of this activity. Together we can make our community safer. “ 

To report suspicious activity, call the non-emergency dispatch line at (360)533-8765.