Active Shooter/Hostile Event training taking place in Hoquiam on Saturday, April 20

On Saturday, April 20th, law enforcement and other public safety agencies from around the county are participating in an active shooter/hostile event training exercise at Lincoln Elementary School and Immanuel Baptist Church in Hoquiam. 

The event is scheduled to take place between 8 am and 5 pm during the day.

According to Grays Harbor County Emergency Management, this training exercise is designed to simulate a realistic scenario to help first responders better understand how to respond effectively in the unfortunate event of an active shooter situation.

This is only a drill and there is no cause for alarm. All activities are simulated.

During the day on Saturday, residents may encounter increased activity from law enforcement and fire personnel, may hear simulated gunfire, and see various emergency response-related activities. 

For the safety of the public and the responders participating in the training exercise, the public is being asked to stay clear of the area during the exercise.

Image from Grays Harbor County Emergency Management