Aberdeen fireworks emergency ban ordinance moves to third reading

The Aberdeen City Council approved the second reading of an ordinance that would allow for emergency bans on fireworks, if conditions were too dangerous.

Comments at the Wednesday meeting of the council heard from multiple residents who were in favor of the emergency bans, but also spoke that it may not go far enough. Residents spoke during the public comment and public hearing asking for further restrictions and a possible full ban on personal fireworks within the city, allowing the public to enjoy the professional display alone.

Jason Trout, Regional Manager of TNT Fireworks, spoke in favor of the ordinance, but once again asked the council to consider using scientific data when considering a ban instead of simply a decision by the Mayor and local officials. Trout again spoke on policies that he says his company and others helped craft that used more of a data-based approach.

Under the current proposal in front of the city council, it would limit the discharge, but not the sale of, consumer fireworks.

Comments from the council and Mayor Schave were unintelligible for much of the conversation due to the hybrid meeting format.

The ordinance now moves onto the third and final reading.

Under current state law, any change to the local law passed during the final reading regarding fireworks that are more restrictive than state law requires waiting a year before they can go into effect.