4 new deaths in Grays Harbor related to COVID-19

Four additional deaths have been added to the local COVID-19 total.

Grays Harbor County Public Health provided an update on Wednesday that included the four deaths, bringing the county total to 21.

In addition to the deaths, 18 new confirmed cases were included, bringing the total case count to date to 1496 with 254 active cases currently.

Also on Wednesday, the outbreak case count at Stafford Creek Corrections Center was updated, rising by 30 and now sitting at 374. 

The Department of Corrections announced that the gym and Visit Room at the local prison have been converted to alternate housing areas to safely house COVID-19 positive incarcerated individuals separately from those who are healthy.

It is not known how much overlap of the new cases at the DOC facility are included in the local case increase.

No new deaths of incarcerated people were added.

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COVID-19 count updates are posted Mon-Fri with the exception of holidays. The cases and deaths described as new, are new since our last update.