21 offices still without candidates after Filing Week

Filing Week ended with 21 offices in Grays Harbor left unfiled, but residents will have one more chance.

Grays Harbor County Auditor Joesph MacLean released the official list of the offices throughout Grays Harbor that went through the entire Filing Week without a single candidate filing, saying these offices will be scheduled for a 3-day filing period.

MacLean says that no date had been scheduled as of yet, as the Office of the Secretary of State is in the process of upgrading their voter registration system, which includes the online filing portion. Once this new system has been launched and tested, MacLean says that they will schedule the filing.

This special 3-day filing period will only feature races that did not receive any candidates. Offices that had voters place their names on the ballot during Filing Week will not be eligible for new candidates.

If the 3-day filing period is scheduled, and once again there are no candidates, state law says that the incumbent will inherit the seat.

RCW 29A.24.201

Lapse of election when no filing for single positionsEffect.

If after both the normal filing period and special three-day filing period as provided by RCW 29A.24.171 and 29A.24.181 have passed, no candidate has filed for any single city, town, or district position to be filled, the election for such position shall be deemed lapsed, the office deemed stricken from the ballot and no write-in votes counted. In such instance, the incumbent occupying such position shall remain in office and continue to serve until a successor is elected at the next election when such positions are voted upon.

171 candidates did file for 111 of the open offices through the end of the formal Filing Week in Grays Harbor, with many featuring more than 2 candidates and qualifying for the August Primary Election.

These races include 3 local Mayor Races that feature 4 candidates and one featuring 3 candidates.

In Aberdeen, Mayor Erik Larson, City Council President Tawni Andrews, former City Council President Pete Schave, and former City Council hopeful Janae Chhith filed.

In Ocean Shores, Mayor Crystal Dingler is challenged by Carlos Roldan, Dan Marlow, and City Councilwoman Susan Conniry.

In Cosmopolis, City Councilman Kyle Pauley, Cosmopolis Fire Department Captain Steve Davis, Cosmopolis School Boardmember Mark Collett, and former Cosmopolis Finance Director Cheryl Turner have filed.

In Hoquiam, City Councilman Greg Grun filed for Mayor on Friday, joining current Mayor Jasmine Dickhoff and Council President Ben Winkelman in the race.

Any of the races featuring more than two candidates will appear on the August Primary Election, with the top two vote-getters moving onto the November General Election.



21 Offices Open For 3 Day Filing
21 Offices Lacking Canditates
0 Candidate Filings
Files Filing
Office Term Incumbent Filed With Fee
Hoquiam Council Ward 6
Position 12 (2-year unexpired term, Nonpartisan) Mary Stinchfield 1 Grays Harbor $31.20
Sch Dist 64 – N. Beach
School 64 Director District 1 (4-year term, Nonpartisan) Jeff Wilson 1 Grays Harbor $0.00
School 64 Director District 5 (2-year unexpired term, Nonpartisan) Catherine Wright 1 Grays Harbor $0.00
Sch Dist 97 – Quinault
School 97 Director District 4 (4-year term, Nonpartisan) Brenda Sansom 1 Grays Harbor $0.00
Sch Dist 104 – Satsop
School 104 Position 1 (4-year term, Nonpartisan) Kimberly Russell 1 Grays Harbor $0.00
School 104 Position 3 (4-year term, Nonpartisan) Jason Olsen 1 Grays Harbor $0.00
Sch Dist 300 – N River
Director Position 3 (4-year term, Nonpartisan) James Banas 1 Pacific $0.00
Director Position 4 (4-year term, Nonpartisan) Robin Gumaelius 1 Pacific $0.00
Director Position 5 (4-year term, Nonpartisan) Bethany Mizushima 1 Pacific $0.00
Sch Dist 400 – Oakville
School 400 Director District 4 (4-year term, Nonpartisan) John Shortman Jr 1 Grays Harbor $0.00
Sch Dist 61 – Rochester
School Board Director, District No. 3 (4-year term, Nonpartisan) Ben Elkins 1 Thurston $0.00
Fire District 4
Fire 4 Position 2 (6-year term, Nonpartisan) Kenneth W. Carlyle 1 Grays Harbor $0.00
Fire District 6
Fire 6 Position 5 (6-year term, Nonpartisan) Steve Enquist 1 Grays Harbor $0.00
Fire District 12
Fire 12 Position 2 (6-year term, Nonpartisan) Peter B McMillin 1 Grays Harbor $0.00
Fire District 16
Fire 16 Position 3 (6-year term, Nonpartisan) Greg Mills 1 Grays Harbor $0.00
Park District 1
Parks Position 2 (4-year term, Nonpartisan) Mike Reichenberger 1 Grays Harbor $0.00