2019 Election: The Measures

A request to fund emergency communication systems and facilities is currently passing with a 62.64% majority yes vote. This measure would add a one tenth of 1% sales tax to be used on infrastructure for the Grays Harbor Communication E-911 services that work with local responders.

In Cosmopolis, a request for $3,000,000 in bonds to construct a combined police/court/city hall building is currently being approved by a majority of voters with 58.82% of the vote. In order to pass, this measure requires a 60% majority.

Tax levies for Grays Harbor Fire District 12 in McCleary and Fire District 1 on Oakville are both passing. 

The Excess Levy for Fire 12, specifically for Emergency Medical Services, is passing with a 58.13% approval while the Fire 1 levy is for Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services is passing at 68.67%.

In statewide races, Referendum Measure No.88 is being rejected locally and statewide. Grays Harbor voters are showing a 59.62% reject compared to 50.56% statewide. Initiative Measure No. 976 is also passing locally and statewide, with 65.04% in Grays Harbor approving and 54.75% in Washington as a whole.

For the Advisory Votes, residents voted to repeal all but 3 new taxes implemented during the previous legislative session. Voting to maintain or repeal these taxes does not carry any official power within the state.

Amending the Constitution of the State of Washington to include “catastrophic incident” in a list of emergencies that would allow additional measures from government is passing with 65.58%. This vote will bring the new definition into a list of authorized reasons to designate  measures that are meant to ensure continuity of government operations following emergencies.

Current Results