125 surplus elk, 2,413 deer multi-season tags awarded this month

Hunters who bought a multi-season permit application for elk or deer earlier this year, but were not selected in the April drawing, may be one of the additional  people who will be selected for surplus elk or deer multi-season tags.

Unlike past years, deer tags will be offered to the next in line hunters, instead of being sold over-the-counter.

“Just like last year, we’ll offer eligible hunters a leftover multi-season elk tag by selecting hunters sequentially from the April draw list, and we will use the same process for deer this year,” said Peter Vernie, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) licensing division manager.

The remaining 125 elk and 2,413 deer multi-season tag winners will receive an email from WDFW notifying them that they are eligible to buy a multi-season elk tag. 

Hunters will have 10 days to buy a tag if they are selected. 

Hunters can buy licenses online, at an authorized WDFW license dealer, or at a WDFW regional office or headquarters in Olympia.

“Because winners will be notified by email, we advise you to make sure your email address is correct in the WILD System,” added Vernie.

Multi-season deer tags are $139.10, and multi-season elk tags are $182. Tag costs are the same for residents and non-residents. There is no purchase deadline for elk or deer multi-season tags.

Hunters who purchase a second-chance multi-season tag do not use points in their multi-season deer or elk special hunt application categories.

Hunters with multi-season tags can hunt all three weapon choices (modern firearm, muzzleloader, archery), season permitting.