Zoe Juice Bar – Happy, Healthy and Coming to an Address Near You

It’s been more than two years since Jason and Briana Phillips opened the doors of Zoe Juice Bar. Now they’ve created an avenue to provide cold pressed juice to the entire state of Washington. With overnight shipping to your front door, your tasty juice cleanse is just a click away. The user-friendly website allows you to order a 1, 2 or 3 day juice cleanse package, or you can create a personal package of goodness by selecting 12 bottles of your own choosing.

Tommy Calkins, Ali Daniels, and Terra Myers are blending experts at Zoe Juice Bar.

Phillips has long recognized the importance of healthy eating and living. His personal choices shifted years ago as he learned to deal with his diagnosis of celiac disease. Juicing has been a critical element for recovering his health. However, as Phillips explains, “People do it for all different reasons.”

When people begin a new eating plan, they often begin with a juice detox. It’s a helpful transition away from diets heavy with sugar and other processing. It can be integral for developing new habits. Lots of people like vegetable and/or fruit juice but don’t have the inclination to make their own. And, as Phillips noted, “Some people don’t eat any vegetables – ever.” Each bottle of Zoe Juice contains the equivalent of two pounds of produce.

One Zoe Juice customer took to adding juice and smoothies into her daily routines. She also started a modest amount of exercising. Over time she shed not only ninety pounds but also her cane. She continues to enjoy cold pressed juice from Zoe.

fresh juice cleanse
Five flavors of Zoe Juice can be shipped directly to your door.

Here are the five enticing choices:

  • Evergreen (greens) Apple, Spinach, Kale, Cucumber, Lime, Parsley
  • Replenish (greens) Spinach, Kale, Parsley, Mint, Apple, Cucumber
  • Pure Joy (roots) Apple, Carrot, Beet, Cucumber, Ginger
  • Pineapple Fusion (citrus) Pineapple, Mint, Cucumber, Apple
  • Green Goodness (greens) Spinach, Kale, Apple, Cucumber, Celery, Ginger

As the demand for product has increased, Zoe Juice Bar acquired a second space in Tumwater, which is now exclusively used to manufacture pressed juice. The 500-pound stainless steel juicing machine is a monster of sorts – with its gaping mouth ready to accept the 4,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables it eats every week. The produce is squeezed at intense pressure to extract the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. (Watch a quick video of the machine in action.)

fresh juice olympia
If you find yourself in Olympia and craving fresh juice, swing by Zoe Juice Bar’s retail location.

Sure, you can find bottled juice in coffee shops or at the grocery store, but check the label. It probably came from out of state. Those juices were pasteurized to prolong the shelf life. It wasn’t pressed earlier today or yesterday.

Phillips says bottles of Zoe Juice are best consumed within three days (unless they are frozen). Zoe Juices are fresh and raw and contain no added sugars, no added water, no fillers and no chemicals or preservatives. “We’re here making fresh juice,” affirms Phillips.

Zoe Juices are all made with non-GMO produce, which is carefully washed and rinsed prior to production. Phillips has built relationships with his suppliers and farmers who also carefully handle their goods. It’s imperative to Zoe Juice that your raw juice is delicious and nutritious. The Olympia location has fresh juice in the cooler, so you can try it out to see which ones taste the best to you. Then you can enjoy the convenience of having more delivered to you and your family.

You might be wondering what happens to the residual pulp. It’s a popular question.

Zoe Juice prides itself on maintaining sustainable practices. All of the residue from the fruits and vegetables are given to two Thurston County farms. The fortunate pigs (Tamworths) and goats that are raised at The Farmstead are the beneficiaries of the squished produce. That way it helps feed the animals rather than the landfill. Check out their website for more details of their amazing farm life.

fresh juice cleanse
Fresh juice cleanses are quickly shipped to your door.

If you find yourself in Olympia, swing by the cheery Zoe Juice Bar retail shop, located between State and Fourth Streets across the parking lot from Ralph’s Thriftway. Walk-ins can order from their menu of raw juice and smoothie creations or make-up their own concoctions. You can add local bee pollen and hemp seed hearts, which contain omega 3’s and 6’s and protein. They still carry the popular acai bowls.

Terra Myers has been blending drinks for customers since the early days of Zoe Juice Bar. She appreciates drinking fruits and vegetables almost every day. Gluten-free cookies from Smiling Mo’s Bakery and other bakery goods from 8 Arms Community Bakery are on hand.

Zoe Juice Bar is a clean, healthful brand that can be part of your overall wellness. “I’m passionate about juice,” says Phillips and he also suggests that a healthy life approach includes reducing stress, being mindful of choices and realizing it’s all about your everyday lifestyle.

When you place an order, you’ll receive a thank you email, tracking information and the box will include an explanation to help you have a successful juice cleanse. Give yourself and your body a refreshing change. “We’re the only company in Washington manufacturing cold pressed juice and shipping it.” Now that’s fresh.

To place your order, visit the Zoe Juice Bar website or call 360-529-0995.


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