YMCA of Grays Harbor offering new blood pressure monitoring program

The YMCA of Grays Harbor announced that they have launched a Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Program, and it is free for a limited time.

The service was added within the facility in an effort to help participants better manage hypertension and improve their overall health by following a program that combines blood pressure self-monitoring, nutrition education seminars, and personalized support.

According to the Y, the American Heart Association reports that more than 80 million Americans have high blood pressure, but less than half have it under control. Their research shows that the process of checking and recording blood pressure at least twice a month over four months may lower blood pressure in some people with hypertension. 

“In addition, evidence shows that proper nutrition, particularly with a reduction in sodium intake, may help reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressures.”

As part of the local Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring program, participants will measure their blood pressure at least two times a month for four consecutive months—a minimum of eight times–and record their blood pressure readings in a self-selected tracking tool. 

A nutrition education component will encourage the participants to practice healthier eating habits, including reducing sodium in their diet.

The program is facilitated by Healthy Heart Ambassadors, appointed and trained by the Y, who will show participants how to use a blood pressure monitor, encourage self-monitoring, and facilitate monthly nutrition education seminars.

The YMCA of Grays Harbor says that they are looking for adults with high blood pressure who could benefit from participating in this program. 

Listed benefits include:

  • A simple, evidence-based program that may lower blood pressure
  • Personalized support from a Y Healthy Heart Ambassador
  • Tips for maintaining cardiovascular health
  • Easy-to-use, portable self-tracking tool
  • Heart healthy nutrition education seminars

Participants must meet the following criteria to participate in the program:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must be diagnosed with high blood pressure
  • Must not have experienced a recent cardiac event
  • Must not have atrial fibrillation or other arrhythmias
  • Must not be at risk for lymphedema

During the pilot program within the YMCA of Grays Harbor, it is being offered for free to the first 25 members who sign up.  At this time, the cost of the program after the initial pilot is not known.

In addition, members will receive a free blood pressure monitor. 

Registration for Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring started this week, with the first office hours scheduled for Tuesday, June 8th. 

Office hours will be Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7am-8am, 11:30am-12:30pm, and 5:30pm-6:30pm with nutrition seminars on the 2nd Thursday of the month (July, August, September) at 5:30pm.

For more information contact Mike Vanairsdale, [email protected] or Leslie Goings, [email protected].