YMCA of Grays Harbor conducting survey on child care needs

The YMCA of Grays Harbor is gathering information on child care needs locally.

In a request from YMCA Associate Executive Director Dan Brown, he says that information from the public will be used to develop ideas for increasing the availability of child care. 

They are requesting participation from the public, adding that the more information they can gather, the better they will understand the needs of all communities in our region.

A group including the YMCA of Grays Harbor, the South Sound YMCA, Greater Grays Harbor, the Mason/Shelton Chamber of Commerce, the Thurston County Economic Development Council, and the Child Care Action Council is bringing together employers, child care business owners, parents and other interested people. 

This group will look at the results of this parent survey, an employer survey and a child care business survey. The information will help guide developing strategies to increase child care spaces and help keep current child care businesses in operation.

“We look forward to learning more about your needs. Thank you in advance for your time to complete this survey.”

Click below to take the survey

Examining the Child Care Needs in Our Communities Parent Survey Grays Harbor, Mason and Thurston County