XOLVER Consultancy Firm Launched with New Services

Company Transformed by the Arrival of Economist Nassim Alemany in 2020

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Dominican businessmen Nassim José Alemany, Marcos Báez and Marino Ariza launched the outsourcing consultancy firm XOLVER to offer world-class services and consultancy to medium and large businesses looking for speed, dynamism and added value in services focusing on BPO, tax compliance, economic and financial consulting, project management and consulting, valuation, mergers and acquisitions services, and more.

The company, founded in September 2019 by partners Marcos Báez (BPO & Tax Compliance) and Marino Ariza (Internal Control) also introduced Nassim José Alemany. The renowned economist joins XOLVER in 2021 as managing partner, thereby creating an economic and financial consulting division within the firm and bringing with him an extensive portfolio of clients. Alemany joins the company after more than 7 years as Economics Partner at Deloitte.

This addition to the team has expanded the firm’s value proposition for consulting and businesses, bringing into the portfolio services such as market research, business plans, valuations and macroeconomic projections.


From the Dominican Republic, XOLVER serves an extensive portfolio of clients in the Latin American region, with services in economic and financial consulting, business and accounting process outsourcing and management (BPO), tax compliance, payroll administration, tax consulting, and management of human resources and loan staff, delivered by a top team of professionals.

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