Xfinity Mobile announces added speeds for local customers

Comcast says that thousands of Xfinity Mobile customers in Grays Harbor now have access to gig speeds at no additional cost through WiFi Boost.

According to the company, they tell KXRO that the thousands of Xfinity Mobile and Comcast Business Mobile customers in Grays Harbor can connect their devices to millions of new “Xfinity Mobile” hotspots and receive Internet speeds over WiFi up to 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps) at no additional cost. 

WiFi Boost, a new free feature from Comcast, is now delivering a faster connection over Xfinity’s WiFi network to ensure that existing and new customers can stream, game, chat, download, and surf wherever they are.  

The company states this is important because according to their data, 90 percent of the mobile data traffic on Xfinity Mobile devices travels over WiFi, not cellular.  

Xfinity Mobile and Comcast Business Mobile have access to what is described as the nation’s largest and most powerful WiFi network to deliver existing and new customers even more speed. 

“The extensive availability of WiFi is a major reason why Xfinity Mobile and  Comcast Business Mobile will enjoy a better experience to support data-intensive applications where traditional cellular networks can’t keep up.  “

WiFi Boost is made possible by Comcast’s fiber-based network which has been built to deliver internet to more than 60 million homes and businesses and across more than 23 million WiFi hotspots in Comcast’s footprint, including nearly 94,000 public Xfinity WiFi Hotspots in Washington. 

The company says that this is a culmination of years of research, technological breakthroughs, and investments, including more than $20 billion since 2018 alone, in development and infrastructure. 

Comcast tells KXRO that they have invested $1.1  billion over the past three years to upgrade and expand the Xfinity network in Washington and introduce new innovative features like WiFi Boost to support the constantly increasing number of connected devices consumers use both inside and outside of the home.