With limited ballots remaining, local election results likely to hold

The vast majority of candidates leading on Election night continue to lead a week later, following the latest ballot counts.

In the latest update, current Oakville Mayor Angelo Cilluffo has fallen out of the running to continue serving in that office. Cillufo had been tied for 2nd place in the election, although in the new count, candidate Anthony Smith overtook the Mayor. 

Bill Breedlove led that race, with Smith sitting as the second name for the November ballot. Cillufo and Smith are separated by only 4 votes.

The other local Mayor on the ballot, Brenda Orffer of McCleary, is set to be on the General Election as the second candidate. Challenger Chris Miller currently leads with an over 55% majority.

Another close race after the count was the Hoquiam City Council race in Ward 4. Joe Marchie trails by 7 votes behind Jamie Brand for the second seat.

The Grays Harbor County Elections Office estimates roughly 10 ballots are left to count countywide. Barring a late mail delivery, all results are likely to remain at certification.

As of this morning, nearly 35% of eligible voters participated in August, out of the almost 20,000 ballots mailed out.

The next scheduled ballot count is set for August 17 to certify the election.