Wishkah Valley to upgrade nearly 60-year-old fire alarm thanks to grant

The Wishkah Valley School District announced has been awarded an Urgent Repair Grant by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). 

Wishkah will receive $200,000 to replace their aging fire alarm system. They say the current system was installed in 1962. 

This grant will allow them to install a fire alarm system that is industry standard and up to current fire code.

The district said, “Thank you OSPI for helping us keep our educational commitment to the amazing children of our fine community.”

The 2019 Legislature provided $3,000,000 solely for urgent repair grants to address nonreoccurring urgent small repair projects at K-12 public schools that could impact the health and safety of students and staff if not completed. 

These grants may be used by permanent and recognized educational facilities for, but are not limited to: repair or replacement of building systems; abatement of potentially hazardous materials; and safety related structural improvements. 

Districts are limited to one grant, not to exceed $200,000 per 3-year period.