Wildfire Advisory Working Group forming in Pacific County

The Pacific County Emergency Management Agency was previously granted a $103,000.00 Community Wildfire Defense Grant (CWDG) to develop a Community Wildfire Protection Plan. 

They said that the grant and the planning process are a continuation of a process that began 4 years ago to develop a plan to address an ever-increasing threat from wildfire across Pacific County.

They say this is evidenced by the Chinook Complex Wildfire that burned 120 acres in the Chinook area in November of 2022. 

Bintel Incorporated was selected to build the plan with a cost of $72,482.  

PCEMA says that step one of the process will be forming a Wildfire Advisory Working Group made up of representatives from local communities, fire authorities, and state agencies responsible for forest management. 

“Bintel will facilitate a unified and achievable strategy between multiple agencies that will speed progress and increase success. “

The working group will use input from multiple local agencies:

  • Fire Protection Districts and Fire Departments 
  • Sheriff’s Departments 
  • County-level response resources 
  • Community Representatives 
  • State, County and City Parks, and Recreation Offices 

PCEMA is also actively seeking individuals from the public with an interest in being a part of the Wildfire Advisory Working Group. 

If you are interested in being a part of this team, please reach out to PCEMA Director Scott McDougall at [email protected] or 360-875- 9338.