Do you have a story to tell? Are you part of a local group with an event coming up? Part of a local nonprofit that wants to get your message out to local residents?

KXRO is filling our local interview calendar for 2019 and we want to talk to you. What can you tell us that we may not already know? Perhaps you just have a life story to share that could be a learning experience.

We regularly host local leaders, community groups, nonprofits, and businesses with topics that are interesting to Grays Harbor and Pacific County residents. This could be in one-off interviews or a continuing schedule for regular updates.

We feature local interviews each weekday morning at 6:40, 7:40, 8:40, and on Live@9. We can find a space for you to share your insight.

We are open to almost any topic of conversation for the show, as long as it is something that our audience can learn from.

Email us at [email protected], message us at KXRO on Facebook, or text the studio at 360-533-5976 so that we can learn about you.

Disclaimer: We do not provide free advertising, although are willing to share topics that local businesses are professionals in. We follow general guidelines of respectable content and topics.