WDFW hunter education returns in-person, hybrid options available

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) hunter education classes resume in-person this month.

WDFW will begin to offer in-person hunter education classes on Aug. 14, with options for full in-person and hybrid courses.

“While the in-person and hybrid class formats are beneficial for all students, we highly recommend in-person instruction for students under 12,” said Dave Whipple, WDFW hunter education manager. “These courses reinforce important firearm and hunting safety principles, hunting ethics, basic survival and first aid, wildlife identification and conservation. We are excited to begin offering these classes in person with COVID restrictions.”

Participants can sign up for classes on WDFW’s hunter education page

Some classes may change based on availability and COVID-related restrictions. 

To help meet public demand, an online course is still available for students who must be at least 9 years old.

“Consistent with Department of Health requirements, students and parents who are not fully vaccinated must wear a mask while indoors,” added Whipple. “All our volunteer instructors are also required to follow state COVID safety protocols.”

To learn about hunter education requirements, course options, or find a course, new hunters should visit the WDFW hunter education webpage.

All hunters must pass a hunter education safety course before hunting on their own. Washington honors all 50 states hunter education certifications. Those who are unable to complete a hunter education course before the fall hunting seasons may qualify for a hunter education deferral.