The way garbage is handled in South Bend will change

Residents in South Bend will be seeing a change in the way they have garbage collected.

In a release from the City of South Bend, they say that they will be implementing a fully automated waste collection program as of December to replace their current trash collection system.

The new process for the city will involve a garbage truck with an “automated, mechanical arm” that will lift new garbage cans from the curb, allowing it to be ran from a single person.

They say the process will let the driver control the process from inside the cab.

“The automated collection system is safer, more efficient and requires less labor to collect solid waste.”

As a result of the change, garbage cans throughout the city that are currently used will need to be replaced, and the City of South Bend Public Works Department will be issuing each homeowner a new version.

Residents will have the option of a 95 gallon, 65 gallon or 35 gallon container based on their current garbage usage.

“This is the only container that may be used for your regular household waste. The 95 gallon container is designed to accommodate a 6 member family’s household garbage. 300 gallon (1 ½ yard) cart/containers will be available for commercial properties. You will be issued either a 35, 65, or 95 gallon cart based on your current garbage account.

The collection cart is the property of the City of South Bend and must be maintained by each homeowner/business owner as if the container was their own. Should you move from your current location, the cart must remain at the address it was issued to for the new resident.

The automated collection cart must have a four feet clearance around it, in order to be properly emptied, with the lid facing the street. Please ensure the container is set away from all utility poles, vehicles, basketball nets, recyclables, “odd stops”, etc.”

Garbage collection is currently scheduled at once per week for homes and as needed for businesses. The new schedule will be announced by the City.

Your collection cart must be at the curbside by 6:30 am, the morning of your scheduled collection day. The cart may be placed at the curb line no earlier than 6:00 p.m. the night before collection and should be removed from the curb line no later than 8:00 p.m. the day of collection. If there is going to be an issue on the placement of the cart/container, please contact the Public Works Dept., and we will gladly do a site visit and make a determination on placement. Most likely, street side rather than alley ways will be the required location.

Before moving the cart, grasp the handle and tilt the cart towards you. Push or pull the cart to roll it. On slopes, inclines or steps, handle the cart with care.

All garbage placed in the container must be bagged. Periodically, residents may want to wash the cart out with soap and water to cut down on any odors or insects. Sprinkling ammonia in the cart will also service to reduce odors and pests.

To place garbage in your cart, always lift the lid from the front. Be careful to not
overload your cart in excess of your ability to safely maneuver it.

Do not place the following in your cart:

• Paint
• Solvents
• Acids
• Gasoline
• Oil
• Hot ashes
• Medical waste
• Exposed needles
• Sand
• Rocks
• Soil



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