Washington #10 in proportion of college students as schools prepare for fall

Over 65% of colleges and universities across the country plan to reopen their campus to students this fall, despite rising case counts among young adults. 

Insurify recently compiled data from each state, saying that Washington is among the highest proportion of college students enrolled in institutions across the state, at 10.7 percent more college students per capita than the national average. 

10. Washington

    • Students per 1,000 residents: 49.34 (10.7% above the national average)
    • Population density: 114.6 residents per square mile
    • Total higher education spending: $1,770,882,000
    • Allocation of state budget to higher education: 4.8%

Locally, Grays Harbor College is planning for online learning in the fall.

Statewide, two of Washington’s three largest public universities, the University of Washington (31,000 students) and Western Washington University (15,000 students), plan to implement a hybrid learning model using both in-person and online learning this fall. 

Washington State University (25,000 students), on the other hand, is going fully remote.

The full study can be found at https://insurify.com/insights/states-with-the-most-college-students/