WA students receiving money recovered from debt adjusters over college loans

Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced that his office has recovered more than $2 million from nearly three dozen debt adjusters who they say preyed on student borrowers. 

According to the AG, these entities engaged in unfair and deceptive practices, including unlawfully charging tens of thousands of dollars in excessive fees to thousands of Washingtonians.

The effort pursuing these recoveries is part of the Attorney General’s Student Loan Initiative to help borrowers as they navigate signing up for then paying off student loans.   

In a release, Ferguson’s office said that in this year alone they have resolved cases against three out-of-state debt adjusters, who are now required to pay 495 borrowers $359,832 in restitution. 

Every impacted Washingtonian is receiving a full reimbursement of unlawfully charged fees. 

In all, the initiative has already helped 2,652 Washington consumers by resolving cases against 35 entities, resulting in payments averaging nearly $800 per borrower.

“It is a chaotic time for millions of borrowers as student loan repayments resume after more than three years,” Ferguson said. “My office is committed to protecting Washingtonians from companies that take advantage of consumers who are simply trying to manage their debt.”

Consumers who suspect they were charged or paid fees in excess of what is allowed under the law are encouraged to submit a complaint to the Attorney General’s Office Consumer Protection Division.

Attorney General’s Office Student Loan Adjuster Cases as of 9/21/2023


Adjuster Settlement Mo/Yr Washington Borrowers Costs & Fees Restitution
Irvine Web Works Inc./Student Loan Processing Nov-15 87 $124,000 $114,896.46
SLRS, LLC d/b/a Student Loan Relief Services Jan-16 23 $7,386 $6,238
Student Debt Solutions, LLC Feb-16 21 $8,193 $11,807
United Advisors Group, LLC Mar-16 158 $14,726 $85,273
American Student Loan Consolidators, LLC Mar-16 27 $5,536 $14,659
Debt Relief Pros, Inc. d/b/a Student Debt Relief Mar-16 78 $7,954 $30,544
DFL International LLC d/b/a US Direct Student Loan Services Apr-16 30 $6,330 $13,671
National Student Loan Solutions, Inc. Mar-16 1 $0 $1,050
LIBRE Technologies, Inc. d/b/a Student Loan Service Jun-16 323 $5,000 $369,976
DORM Group, Inc./Student Loan Service Managers Jul-16 77 $5,000 $79,532
Student Services, LLC d/b/a Student Loan Aid Aug-16 80 $5,500 $39,862
American Document Preparation Services LLC/The Student Resolution Center LLC Oct-16 6 $5,000 $3,788
SLAC Inc./Student Loan Assistance Center Nov-16 422 $5,000 $248,297
H&S Marketing LLC/Student Loan Counsel Dec-16 268 $5,500 $231,936
Miller Student Loan Consulting, LLC Sep-16 3 $1,500 $930
Title 4 Services, LLC Apr-17 22 $4,500 $8,124
CSADVO, LLC d/b/a National Student Aid Care May-17 15 $5,500 $8,968
Financial Education Referral Center d/b/a Student Financial Help Center May-17 92 $7,500 $51,259
Student Loan Solutions, LLC May-17 24 $5,500 $10,682
National BPO, LLC d/b/a National Student Servicing Jun-17 67 $7,500 $55,201
United Student Loan Solutions, LLC Mar-17 2 $1,000 $899
Prima Processing Solutions, LLC Feb-17 57 $5,500 $27,170
FNZA Marketing, LLC d/b/a Student Loan Pro Aug-17 29 $5,500 $25,356
Student Loan Relief Center, LLC Aug-17 4 $1,000 $1,197
Sign on the X, LLC d/b/a Student Loan Exchange Aug-17 55 $6,500 $36,037
SLAC, Inc. d/b/a Student Loan Assistance Center (amended consent decree) Aug-17 No additional consumers $15,000 $1,758
Global Doc Prep, Inc. Oct-17 7 $7,500 $5,138
NSLFC, LLC d/b/a Fed-Help.org Nov-17 28 $7,500 $10,576
Clarity Solutions Center, LLC (Joe Magana) Oct-18 31 $3,000 $10,240
Student Aid Center, Inc., Damien Alvarez, and Ramiro Fernandez-Moris Nov-17 N/A N/A N/A
J & B Endeavors d/b/a Student Loan Movement Feb-20 108 $7,500 $130,531
Tangent Solution Support d/b/a Tangent Solution a Graduate Assistance Company Aug-21 12 $4,500 $8,780
Total Rain d/b/a Student Aid Group 28-Feb-23 98 $7,000 $45,635
Allied Document Prep d/b/a Global Business Group Mar-23 209 $7,000 $174,606
Skyway Financial Group Sep-23 188 $5,409 $139,591
TOTAL 2652 $321,034.98 $2,004,205.09