Voters in opposition to RFA proposition

Following the initial results from the April Special Election, voters in Aberdeen, Hoquiam, and Cosmopolis are collectively and individually voting against the proposed regional fire authority.

Following initial results, voters in all three cities voted against the proposition.

Aberdeen voters are showing a 55.48% no vote, Hoquiam voters show 58.12% against, and Cosmopolis shows 73.61% voting no.

Collectively, the cities show 58.65% in opposition based on election night results.

As of the close of ballot boxes on Tuesday, only 21.57% of voters between the cities turned out for the vote.

Out of the 15,437 registered voters, 3,330 had been counted by 8pm.

The proposition requires a 50% majority to take effect.

The election results are not certified until May 5 as additional votes are counted.

This is the third time an RFA vote has been put forward to voters within Aberdeen and Hoquiam, and the first time that Cosmopolis had been involved.

Prior elections in November 2021 and February 2022 had voters in both Aberdeen and Hoquiam voted in favor of combining the two fire departments, but at 59.68% and 53.55% total collectively. This was below the 60% required threshold needed for passage. For this proposal, the benefit charge had been removed from the language to require a simple majority in this third attempt.

The RFA proposition was the only item on the April Special Election.