Villopoto headlines new ORV Park operator group

Originally posted December 7, 2016

The Grays Harbor County Commissioners selected a new operator of the Straddleline ORV Park and they are bringing in a big name in Motocross racing.

Former champion Ryan Villopoto and Brent Davis were selected as the new operators and Villopoto said that even though he is retired from racing professionally he is too young to sit around.

Davis said they are excited by the potential for national events they want to put on.

Villopoto, a native of Poulsbo, said he is excited to be back in the Northwest and working on a track that he raced at when he was a kid.

He also said that they have the equipment to work on the park themselves and that he will be helping with the work.

The contracts still need to be finalized but Villopoto and Davis’ company, Pacific Northwest MX LLC, was selected at yesterday’s special meeting as the new operators of the park.

The full presentation is below and to watch the entire special meeting including the presentation of the other group that was looking to take over the park visit the county website here.



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