Vehicle vs Pedestrian accident on 4th of July

A person was hit by a vehicle near the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino just before midnight on the 4th of July, sending them to the hospital.

The Washington State Patrol says in their report that a 53-year-old Aberdeen man was walking on the southbound shoulder of SR 115 Thursday evening a short time before midnight when they were struck.

A 1996 Dodge Ram, driven by a 49-year-old Bonney Lake man, was attempting to make a right turn from SR 115 into the QBR&C entrance road when the Aberdeen man began to cross in front of the vehicle.

The man was struck by the truck in the right lane and was taken to Harbor Regional Health Community Hospital for his injuries.

There was reportable damage to the vehicle. Drugs or alcohol were not involved.

The Aberdeen man was named as the cause of the accident for crossing at an area other than a crosswalk.