Vehicle access to Grays Harbor County Forest Land limited to specific months

Montesano, WA – Vehicle access to Grays Harbor County Forest Land will be limited to specific months of the year.

The Grays Harbor County Commissioners amended a resolution at their meeting Tuesday to prohibit vehicle access on County-owned and managed forest lands except during the general hunting season, September 1 – December 31, each year.   

The reason for the closure was due to a significant amount of damage that has been noted on county-owned forest lands.

The amendment states that most of the damage has been caused by a small number of people dumping trash and performing other illegal acts at a significant cost to the County.

After the meeting, Commissioner Wes Cormier, who voted no on the amendment, explained why he is against the limitations.

Commissioner Vickie Raines told KXRO that the issue arose regarding two specific problem areas, this closure impacts all county forest land including those two areas.