Update on South Bend library following fire

Timberland Regional Library gave a report and status update on their South Bend location following a recent fire at the building.

According to TRL, the Pacific County library was able to take “swift action” to ensure the safety of the collection and the continuity of services following the fire that occurred in March. 

That fire started in a trailer parked near the library, causing several windows to shatter.

Library Manager, Tania Remmers, was credited as being able to relocate the materials near the damaged windows to protect them from potential water damage. 

Those shelves will remain empty until necessary repairs are completed.

The South Bend Library building is owned and maintained by the City of South Bend, which is currently working with its insurance company to replace the broken windows. 

The library materials and staff are managed by Timberland Regional Library (TRL), and both TRL and the City are collaborating to ensure continuous library services for the community. 

Library cardholders can request items from any of the 29 libraries for delivery to the South Bend Library or another TRL location of their choice. 

For further information about the library’s collection or services, patrons can contact their local library or email [email protected]

Questions regarding the South Bend library facility should be directed to the City of South Bend.