United for Justice

As much of the country grapples with how to handle discussions regarding race inequality, social justice, and systemic reforms at all levels, KXRO would like to extend our support to those on the front lines of these issues. These are not concerns solely for major metropolitan areas, but a discussion that needs to be held in rural communities as well.

As a news station, it is important to us to try and maintain an unbiased and fact-based approach to reporting. While that is our intent, we as a news team are reporting from a point-of-view that are not experiencing these issues firsthand.

For that we are aware.

We believe that it is a duty of all people to be open to hearing these concerns and adjusting our responses accordingly.

KXRO will continue to discuss systematic issues, condemn and censor hate speech of all kinds, and maintain a non-political stance, while also allowing freedom of speech. That being said, remaining quiet when so many voices are yelling at the top of their lungs that they are not being heard would be a disservice to our listeners and ourselves.

The fact that you or someone you know may not experience widespread and continuing disenfranchisement because of your genetic makeup is a non-sequitur.

Now is the time to listen to those voices screaming into the void that society is in need of change, hoping to be heard.

Kyle Pauley – KXRO Program Director