Two more local schools announce adjustment to remote learning

After the announcement of plans by the Aberdeen School District to move to remote learning for two weeks, additional schools have made similar decisions.

On Monday, the Raymond School District announced that they would be closing their schools on Tuesday to develop plans for remote learning. This decision came as 27% of the Monday student population was absent on the day and 20% of the staff were out, creating hardships to keep the school in operation. 

On Tuesday, the district released their Remote Learning Plan. Raymond Elementary School begins working remotely today and will remain remote through Friday, January 21. For the Jr/Sr High School, remote learning will begin on Friday, January 14 and continue through January 22.

The district does say that this plan is a bit different than prior remote plans, as the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction has required that students and teachers need to be “synchronous” and online together for 70% of the day. Teachers will be taking roll call each morning school is in session.

In Raymond, extracurricular activities will continue, although WIAA rules of testing three times a week will remain and spectators will not be allowed to be at home games.

In McCleary, the school will be moving to remote learning for 12 days starting today and running through January 21 for all students. This includes the suspension of all other in-person participation in school, sports, and extracurricular activities. 

Both school districts have announced measures to ensure that school meals will be available to those students who need them. 

Parents, guardians, and students should have received notification of the changes and other information from the schools.