Originally posted October 1, 2018

The Timberland Regional Library have clarified the recent changes proposed to local libraries, and said that at this time they are only recommendations and not actions.

TRL has sent a statement saying they “would like to clarify that the Capital Facilities Proposal is a proposed set of recommendations” and nothing is certain at this time. They say that the proposal sent to the Facilities Committee and Board of Trustees will be evaluated and will take “as much time as they need to properly shape TRL’s future”.

The proposal is just that, a proposal. It was created for the TRL Facilities Committee to review and evaluate to help shape the future of Timberland Regional Library.”

The 2018 Capital Facilities Proposal for TRL was released last week in advance of a scheduled September 26 meeting of its Board of Trustees at the  Ilwaco Timberland Library.

In the proposal, it included numerous changes, notably the closure of 5 local libraries including Hoquiam and Montesano.

“When compared to many neighboring library systems, TRL faces multiple unique challenges, not the least of which is 7,000 square miles of service area. In addition, shifting demographics, the evolution of patrons’ expectations for library offerings, and a goal of being as financially sustainable as possible made this undertaking a valuable one for TRL leadership and its Board of Trustees.

This is the first step of an ongoing conversation, and we will continue to post updates to this page as new information becomes available.”

In the statement, they say that any decisions, including changes to library locations and access to new options will be made by the Board of Trustees.

TRL says that as part of their “ongoing transparent process”, they are sharing all future meeting dates and other pertinent information relating to the Capital Facilities Proposal on a website at https://www.trl.org/capital-facilities-proposal that also provides a feedback form and email address where residents can share comments on the proposal, along with the names and email addresses of the TRL Board of Trustees.


Current TRL Board Members can be reached at the email addresses below: