Thrift City #3: Leslie’s Jacket

Casual clothes to dress clothes, or somewhere in between, you can put together an entire outfit while thrift shopping. If you need just an accent piece to pull together, you can find a  white suit jacket and pair it with a simple t-shirt or graphic tee and complete the outfit.

This jacket was $2.99 originally, but purchased on their Everything 50% Sale on a Monday, the accent came home for only $1.50.


This jacket is versatile and can be used with dress slacks, also available at Thrift City, or some jeans. Add in a pair of heels to accentuate it all and complete the outfit.

All of these items can be purchased at Thrift City, with new clothing added each day.

You could easily put together an  entire ensemble for less than $10.

Aberdeen Thrift City and their Tacoma store feature 100,000+ items from clothing to home supplies such as furniture and art.

Thrift City Stores opened for business in 2008 and the local store on B Street in Aberdeen has been a regular stop for many local shoppers.

Discounts are available each day of the week, with;

50% off every Thursday

50% off all merchandise each Monday, and 50-75% off merchandise on other days of the week.

We have teamed up with Thrift City to highlight some of the items from the local store.

If you would like to be featured in this ongoing photo blog, email We will purchase the items, you can be the model and keep any items used.



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