Thrift City #22: Business Very Casual

A suit jacket doesn’t always have to be only for business. Pair a sharp jacket with some trendy jeans and blaze your own trail.

We found this Dolce & Gabbana jacket for only $2.99 and the Abercrombie & Fitch jeans for $3.29, but at 50% off that means $3.14 for the pair!

Match the jacket to a simple print, either dress shirt or tshirt.


Discounts are available each day of the week at Aberdeen Thrift City, with;

50% off every Monday & Thursday

50% off all merchandise each Monday and Thursday, and 50-75% off merchandise on other days of the week.

Tuesday is Senior Discount day. 50% off for seniors on Tuesdays.
Wednesday 30% off all day
Friday 50%-75% off colored tags
Bring in your receipt from your weekday purchase on Saturday and get 50% off your purchase!
Spend $20 or more than back on Sunday with your receipt and get 75% off clothing.

We have teamed up with Thrift City to highlight some of the items from the local store.

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