Third COVID-19 related death of Stafford Creek Correctional Officer

DOC, Aberdeen, WA – The Washington State Department of Corrections was notified that Correctional Officer Darryl Goodrich of the Stafford Creek Corrections Center passed away on August 20, 2021 from complications of COVID-19.

“While we cannot express in words our sorrow at this loss, our hearts and prayers go out to Darryl’s family and friends,” said Secretary Cheryl Strange. “We grieve their loss, as does the extended family of the Stafford Creek Corrections Center.”

Officer Goodrich joined Stafford Creek in June 2020. 

Prior to working for Stafford, he worked for the Department of Health and Social Services from August 2001 to February 2004 at Greenhill.

“Darryl was respected by his co-workers and friends,” said Ron Haynes, Superintendent at Stafford Creek Corrections Center. “He was always volunteering to assist in any way he could and showed incredible dedication. He will be missed.”

The department says it is proceeding on the presumption that his death was work-related and will review Officer Goodrich’s death as a possible line of duty death.

This is the third death of an officer at Stafford following Officers David Christensen and Gabe Forrest.

Correctional Officer Darryl Goodrich – Photo: DOC