The roundabout in Aberdeen opens to traffic this week

The City of Aberdeen tells KXRO that after five months of work, the improvements to the Market Street and F Street intersection are nearing completion. 

Since portions of the intersection were closed in April, work has continued to construct the five leg roundabout, and now staff say that the intersection will occur about three weeks earlier than originally anticipated.

Project improvements consist of the removal of the existing traffic signals, reconstruction of the roadway surface and subgrade, installation of stormwater conveyance and treatment, installation of new curbing and sidewalks, textured concrete paving, and a new illumination system. 

Project funding was provided through Federal and State Grants managed by the Washington State Department of Transportation and the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board. It is projected that upon completion of the project, all costs associated with construction will be paid by these grant funds.

A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at noon on Wednesday September 14, 2022, after which the intersection and adjoining roadways will be opened up to traffic. 

The existing traffic signals at the intersection of F Street and 1st Street and at the intersection of Market Street and G Street will revert to their preconstruction condition after the roundabout is opened.

From City of Aberdeen:

With the roundabout opening, it is important to identify a couple key things to remember about driving through roundabouts; 1) yield to drivers already in the roundabout (on the circulating roadway), 2) stay in your lane; do not change lanes, 3) do not stop in the roundabout, and 4) avoid driving next to oversize vehicles. This single lane roundabout simplifies these rules a bit, but with the prevalence of roundabouts in western Washington, another public service announcement may prove useful in utilizing roundabouts in other locations. Additional information regarding roundabouts, including safety, traffic flow, cost, and other benefits can be found at: Additionally, the WSDOT video about using a roundabout as a driver, pedestrian, or bicyclist is a great resource and can be found HERE.


The City of Aberdeen said that they and the rest of the project team would like to thank motorists and adjacent business owners for their patience during construction.