The Razor clam could become the Official State Clam

A bill by Representatives Blake and Walsh would designate the official state clam.

In prefiled House Bill 1061, the 19th District Representatives are proposing amending current RCW to read;

“The Pacific razor clam, Siliqua patula, is hereby designated as the official clam of the state of Washington.”

In the proposed bill, it states that “the Pacific razor clam is endemic to the Pacific Northwest, abundant on Washington’s sandy coastal beaches, and an important part of the cultural identity of the state”.

It cites that in recent years, as many as eight million clams are harvested annually.

“The oblong shell of the Pacific razor clam is golden-hued, symmetrical, and especially handsome. The flesh is meaty and makes for premier table fare and a healthy, organic, wild food source.”

The bill also states that razor clamming is not only a tradition for many families, but it brings thousands of people to the coastal area each year and provides “healthy exercise and outdoor experiences” as well as boosts the local economy.

If approved, the Razor clam would join the state oyster Ostrea lurida (proposed by 19th District Senator Brian Hatfield), the Lady Washington as the state ship, the orca as the state marine mammal, and other official representatives for the state.



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