The Pourhouse and Selmer’s buildings are going to be owned by the City of Aberdeen

The Pourhouse and Selmer’s building are being purchased by the City of Aberdeen.

As the final resolution for the year, Mayor Bill Simpson brought a vote before the council to approve the purchase of The Pourhouse for $236,000 and the Selmer’s warehouse for $200,000.

When asked if these buildings would be demolished, Mayor Simpson said that he hopes some are saved.

“We have to get everything finalized first, and then we can decide what has to go and what can stay. My whole idea was, I would love to leave The Pourhouse there. As just, a landmark, but whatever the new Mayor and the council decides to do, that’s up to them.” Although Simpson added, “I’m look forward to seeing a wonderful visitors and enterprise center there.”

Along with their purchase of the empty lot known recently as “Lake Chevron”; the property under the billboards at Wishkah and Fuller Way; and the building formerly housing the Crystal Steambath approved within the last months, the city is poised to begin the next steps toward creating a “world class visitor’s and enterprise center”. The city already owned land where the Wirta building sat.

The money used for the purchases were part of the funding set aside for the downtown revitalization project and specifically intended for the new center.


Pourhouse Selmers

Every building in this photo is now owned by the City of Aberdeen.

Photo from Jones Photo Archive




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