The odor this week was needed to prevent future odors

Odor earlier this week that spread from Cosmopolis to Aberdeen, Central Park, and East County has prompted a response from Cosmo Specialty Fibers. These odors are inevitable now in order to prevent them later.

Bob Buchan from Cosmo told KXRO that they have received calls this week about the odor, but due to maintenance have been shut down to most operations. Yearly, the mill requires a shut down for the annual maintenance outage to conduct repairs on the facility.

These repairs include work on the aerators and pipes leading into the treatment ponds at the mill. During the repairs, 2 ponds at the mill have to be drained. Once the water cover is drained, the remaining materials in the pond give off a very strong odor. Buchan said that the mill is refilling the ponds with water as fast as possible, but they have to ensure that the floating aerators rise with the water and don’t get submerged and ruined.

This annual maintenance is required by the Department of Ecology for their permits, and reduces the odors that emit for the remainder of the year.




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