Technology training coming for educators as schools plan for digital learning

As more schools are announcing they are moving to digital learning for the fall, funding has been approved to provide statewide technology training for educators. 

This week, the state Office of Financial Management (OFM) released $2.5 million in federal funds to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to expand training for educators on the use of online learning management systems.

In partnership with OSPI, the state’s nine regional educational service districts will provide support and training with no registration cost. These supports will help districts with platform selection, provide training for educators and families, and will launch networks for educators to share best practices.

“Last spring, we heard consistently from educators that they needed more training on how to effectively use online learning management systems,” said Chris Reykdal, Superintendent of Public Instruction. “We also heard from students, parents, and guardians that they were overwhelmed by the variety of systems educators were using to provide online learning.”

“To make online learning more effective this fall, we have to streamline this,” Reykdal continued. “Students and parents should be able to focus on learning, and educators should be focused on teaching, without the modality of the instruction getting in the way. Our ESDs will provide educators with training in a handful of learning management systems consistent with guidance we have already sent to districts to simplify their remote learning managements systems for families.”

As OFM considers a release of the remainder of the state’s portion of federal funds, OSPI intends to cover the costs of internet for students eligible for free or reduced-price meals and to partner with community-based organizations to help families secure childcare, engage in language translation services, and other parent and family engagement strategies.

More information from OSPI here..