Team Rubicon Demobilizing Pacific County Response due to COVID Protocols

Team Rubicon began efforts to assist Pacific County on Thursday, January 20 with on-the-ground flood relief response in South Bend and Raymond. 

According to Pacific County Emergency Management Director Scott McDougall, over the past several days Team Rubicon was able to complete operations at 13 homes and had an additional 10 homes scheduled for completion by this evening.

 McDougall says that due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation within Pacific County, and to abide by the organization’s COVID safety protocols, Team Rubicon had to make the decision to demobilize their current operation within Pacific County. 

McDougall said that he has requested additional help from the Washington State Emergency Management Division to finish the work begun by Team Rubicon. 

He also issued a thank you to Team Rubicon, stating “it was my absolute privilege to support your response. You helped in a very real way to heal our community, we will always be grateful to you all.”