Originally posted September 30, 2016

In a letter to employees on Friday, Mark Swanson announced that Swanson’s Foods has changed ownership.

KXRO has a copy of the letter, and it states that Mark has “made the difficult decision to retire at this time.”

According to Mark, the ownership change is effective as of today.

“This was not an easy decision for me as Swanson’s has been my life and my family’s history. Swanson’s Foods has been family owned for 115 years and three generations; however there is no fourth generation waiting to take over.”

Mark states that there will be no name change to the company, and all employees are retaining their jobs with the change.

“I have done my best to see that ou are all taken care of in this transition. I will still be in the area and will remain a loyal Swanson’s customer. I will just be fishing a little more and in the store a little less.”

The letter states that the new owners have plans for improving the store.

At this time the new owners are not known.