Suspects arrested in road rage incident that was shared on Facebook

Following a reported road rage incident at the beginning of August that was shared on social media, 2 suspects have been arrested.

A story shared on Facebook started with, ‘Last night someone almost killed me. I had a mans hands wrapped around my neck and he told me I was going to die.”

KXRO has received 911 tapes from the night.


This reported assault happened on August 5, around 10pm outside of McCleary.

KXRO spoke with the woman who shared her story with us, saying that she had traveled to Ocean Shores on August 5 with her 6 year old daughter and her 18 year old brother who suffers from autism.

According to her recount of the evening, the unforgettable part of the road trip started when a truck began to follow her closely using their high beams.

She told KXRO that the truck was following her and another vehicle, trying to split the lanes and honking his horn.

As she approached the Mox Chehalis Rd, the large truck passed her illegally on the left, throwing something at her vehicle.

Grays Harbor 911 received a call that night of a similar truck, driving erratically.

According to the victim, the truck pulled over to the side of the road, but when she passed it began to follow her again. The honking and high beams continued as she took the Mox Chehalis Rd exit.

In her 911 call, she states that the truck passed her and slammed on its brakes, before a man got out and approached her.


The woman told KXRO that she was thrown to the ground as the man opened up the car door, yelling at her brother.

She tells KXRO she was able to wrestle the gun away from the man, as a woman came out of the truck yelling at her, grabbing her hair, and throwing the victim to the ground as she gouged her eyes.

In her recount, she said that she bit the woman’s hand, and the man came around from the passenger side of the car, grabbing the gun and pointing it at her while grabbing her throat.

She tells KXRO that as she began to lose consciousness, the 18 year old autistic brother told her that he had begun to reason with the man and woman, convincing them to leave the scene.

“I should be the one saving him from something, not the other way around”

A McCleary Police Officer responded to the scene, along with Washington State Patrol and paramedics.

The victim told 911 dispatch that she was able to get a license number of the truck, which was found to be registered to a man out of Mason County. A photo of the man was shown to the woman, and she positively identified Brandon Goodwin of Belfair as the man who assaulted her.

In charging documents by the Grays Harbor County Prosecutor’s Office, following a probable cause warrant for their arrest, 42 year Brandon Goodwin, and 39 year old Alisha Goodwin were charged with 2 counts of Assault 2nd Degree.

They state that the county believes that Brandon and Alisha Goodwin did intentionally assault the victim with a deadly weapon, and also did assault her by strangulation.

McCleary Police confirmed to KXRO that both suspects were arrested in the case, and the Grays Harbor Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that they have been booked, charged, and released as the court proceeds.

Court dates for both suspects have been set for September 5.



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