Suspected thief hiding inside Swanson’s fled before police arrived

A suspected thief hiding inside the Hoquiam Swanson’s fled the scene before police arrived.

Hoquiam Police tell KXRO that just before midnight on Saturday, officers responded to Swanson’s Foods grocery store which was closed for the evening because an employee reported an unknown man inside the store.

Hoquiam officers were on scene within seconds of being dispatched.   Aberdeen Police and Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Deputies along with their K9 unit responded to assist with containment.

Police say a sliding door was found ajar to the outside produce area. This door is kept latched from the inside after hours and had been latched earlier in the evening and it appeared the suspect fled out the door, over a six foot tall fence, and around the building prior to police arrival.

They say a case of beer, two bottles of wine, and a gallon of milk were located on the floor near the sliding door which appeared to have been put there by the suspect.

According to police there were no signs of forced entry were found which points to the suspect having hid in the store at closing time and remaining unlawfully.

In checking surveillance video at the Hoquiam Police Station across the street, it appeared the suspect scaled the fence about a minute prior to police being dispatched to the 911 call from the employee.

Police will attempt to identify the suspect from surveillance video as the investigation continues.



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