Survey results suggest Aberdeen students adjusting to virtual learning; parents not as much

According to the recent survey by the Aberdeen School District, students are faring far better than the parents under virtual learning.

The district released data from their recent survey asking students, parents , and staff to rate their current wellbeing and other factors as students are learning outside the classroom.

In Social Emotional Wellbeing, students in in Grades K-3 were asked to rate themselves on a scale of 1-3 by selecting the “happy face” emoji that best matches how they feel about school, while Grades 4-12, parents and staff were asked to share their wellbeing on a 1-5 scale with 3 being neutral.

The youngest students rated an overall Happy score, with 4-12 sitting in the Neutral to Good rating. This trend continued for Staff.

Parents however ranked more among the Not Good/Neutral phase since the start of the school year. 

 For Academic or Professional Wellbeing, this trend continued. K-3 students are overall happy, while 4-12 students and staff were averaging more along the Good rating scale. Parents in this category also saw higher ratings in the Neutral/Not Good ratings.

For Workload, students seem to feel the current load is more than sufficient, but not too much. Parents and staff ratings leaned more towards the Too Much rating, but generally fell within the OK region.

Prior to the next survey, the district says that they will look at schedule adjustments to give more planning time to staff and discuss how students desire for more contact with teachers.

They also plan to look at other areas before they re-administer a survey in January.